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Meanderings - Kate Robertson
Tuesday, 25 May 2010
Come over to the new blog
I have a new blog over here  http://thequeenofcreativity.blogspot.com

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Sunday, 5 March 2006
I'm Moving

Well I found out I have used up all the free storage space that tripod allows. I ended up deleting some things to free up some space but figured I will be back where I was soon, so its not a real solution. I thought I could upgrade and pay for more space but sometimes tripod is so annoying. I decided to try some other sites before I start laying down $$ for this. So I headed over to blogger to try them for awhile.

Here is the new link. Come visit me there.

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Monday, 27 February 2006
They Say Its Your Birthday
Birthday number 52 came whether I was happy about it or not. Earlier this year I had planned an Art party to celebrate. That went the to the wayside when I hurt my ankle. So I was a little depressed at not having the Birthday celebration I wanted.

This morning My friend Amy came over with her new tortilla cooker. She brought the fixins for tacos and we had a nice brunch. The little cooker she has is great. You just place a ball of dough on the flat service and then pull the cover down and just press it and it cooks the tortilla. They were great.

My daughter Sarah made me a lovely chocolate cake from scratch. Yummm. We went out to dinner at the Texas Roadhouse and was that good. I had a Fat Tire Beer, yummy roles, the house salad which is the best in this town and a nice 6" sirloin and a fantastic baked potato. They gave me a brownie as a free dessert it was yummy.

Dave got me a set of speakers for my MP3 player so now I can sit here and play any music I want without using the headphones. That will be nice. I asked for a Nalgene water bottle from Sarah so that was what I got. Its a pretty shade of blue.

Knitting Olympics

Well I did not get very far into the shawl but I was still glad for the experience. Right now I noticed an error a few rows back so I think I will be ripping a bunch or rows out. May as well make it right.

The Mara KAL starts soon. Here is all I did on the sweater over 10 years ago. It is the third pattern I always had trouble with. This time I know a lot more about 2 color knitting. I also plan to use markers to separate the 36 st pattern repeat. I hope that will make it clearer and I will actually get to finish this.

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Updated: Monday, 27 February 2006 11:18 PM MST
Saturday, 25 February 2006

Well the meds for Moonbeam kicked in and he will be like a normal cat at least for a little while. In some senses it makes me think that he is not sick at all.

This came a couple days ago. It the book from Japan that I ordered last week. I think the title is actually New Designs in Heirloom Knitting.

When I saw the sweater below I instantly loved it. There is a KAL about it. I hesitated for awhile not wanting to spend that much on a book that is written in Japanese. I finally broke down and got the book. Oh and it is wonderful. There are other designs that I love so it was well worth purchasing. There are plenty of charts and others on the net are figuring the thing out. I decided not to join the KAL since they are way ahead of me and I don't even have the yarn for it yet. I am thinking of using Cascade 220. I figure to check out all the information on this design and then get to it after the Mara KAL.

The Foot

Well I got to see a Dr finally and he basically said that its going to take another month or so. He asked if I wanted a walking boot and I said yes. Now that does not mean that I am walking. I tried yesterday and it was still very painful. So I am using the crutches and boot. Hopefully soon I will get used to it or it will be easier or heal a little more cause I am really tired of the crutches.

I took my sketchbook along; my new Moleskine which I love by the way. I thought I could draw while I waited. I looked around the room and it just seemed so antiseptic. I thought all this is too boring to draw but I went ahead anyways.

Here is that little drawing I did of medical supplies on top of a cabinet. The interesting thing was I really got a lot of pleasure out of doing this.

Then I decided to draw a picture that was hanging but the Dr. showed up. There are supposed to be Big Horn Sheep here but the never made it in the drawing so I just left it as it is.

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Updated: Sunday, 26 February 2006 9:13 PM MST
Wednesday, 22 February 2006
Sad News to Report
Mood:  sad
Monday night I noticed that Moonbeam (seen here in happier times )

was limping. So off to the vet we go. Turns out he has a torn ligament in his leg, which can heal on its own. Then we talk about the infection in his mouth and whether his teeth should be pulled. Dr. Moe says he needs to be checked for a virus first so we have that test done. Turns out he has AIDS. So none of the remedies for his mouth will help much. We had the vet give him another steroid shot to get him comfortable. That will probably last a couple weeks. Then we will have him put to sleep. This willmake him feel better and help us get used to the idea of losing him before he gets in too much pain. He has been the best cat ever.

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Monday, 20 February 2006

The Weekend.

I had a great weekend. My friends Shirley and Judy came uo for a visit from Salt Lake City.

We commonly refer to this as the Pajama party. That means we don't get dressed and stay in our PJ's all weekend. We spend Friday Saturday and Sunday just spinning, knitting and visiting. These great friends brought along all the food and really took care of me. We had lots of show and tell which I forgot to take pictures of....sorry. My friend Cj showed up on saturday too. Shirley was talking about Firefly and that ended up with us having a Firefly Marathon. That is 14 episodes plus the movie Serenity By the end of it we all had enough Tv for quite some time. It was tiring but still fun. We all knit or spun throughout the entire marathon.

Foot Update

Well I had a Dr. appointment for 3:30 today and the turkey cancelled it on me. Now I have to wait until Friday. It was not the news I needed to hear today.

I planned on participating in the Mara Knit along. This is the sweater on the cover of Fair Isle Knitting by Alice Starmore. I started it years ago but got bogged down in a complicated pattern I thought it would be great to knit it along with others and anyways I have a head start on it. This is supposed to start at the end of the month. I collected all the yarns, found the pattern and needles. I need to make a couple copies of the patterns graph and I'll be all set. Here is a pic from the book

Knitting Olympics

Well I think I have failed as an Olympian. If you take the tact that it is a challenge that I am overcoming then I am doing great. If you take the tact that unless you finish on the 26th you have failed then I will have failed. I just can not do lace fast....I end up taking apart too many rows to make such success. I have learned a lot and my goal now is to finish the inner triangle of the shawl by the end of the Olympics and then continue on with it and finish after the Olympics are over.

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Updated: Monday, 20 February 2006 5:16 PM MST
Friday, 17 February 2006
Knitting Womens
Topic: Knitting
Well I finally got out of the house. My friend CJ picked me up and took to my Knitting Womens group. We meet at a coffee shop called Moxie Java. They are so nice, they set up a big table for us and reserve it for 2.5 hours. We return in kind by all buying something. It works out great. I took the Olympic shawl to work on but I mostly ended up talking.

Here we are...

My friends Amy and Cj, Amy kindly bought my bagel and drink for me.

Here is Sheila, she just got back from the Madrona fiber weekend. She took lots of great classes and told us losts of stories.

Here is Suzanne, she is also an excellent beader, next to her is Barbara who finishes more projects than any of us, and Sheila who is knitting a swatch from her first handspun cotton.

It was so good to be among friends again. When Cj's mom went to the hospital my friend Ginger came from her job and took me home. I have great friends.

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Knitting Womens
On Wednesday I got out of the house and it was womderful. I got to go Knitting QWomens group. We meet at a coffee shop called Moxie Java. My friend CJ came and picked me up.

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Knitting Womens
On Wednesday I got out of the house and it was womderful. I got to go Knitting QWomens group. We meet at a coffee shop called Moxie Java. My friend CJ came and picked me up.

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Tuesday, 14 February 2006
Knitting Olympics day 4
Knitting Olympics Day 4. Well I think I finally have a rhythm going here. I am about where I should have been on the weekend. According to my calculation to have the first pattern done by Friday evening I need to do 32 rows each day for the next 3 days, then I would have the next week to do the second part. I think I did about 17 rows today and that was hard. I guess I have to push it a little more. We'll see what I can do tomorrow.

Here is the work in progress. It is a little bigger, about the size of a kerchief. The only consolation is that I do know the pattern now. It is a lousy picture but I will take a better one when its bigger.

I was doodling around about the Olympics and drew the yarn label of what I was making. The water color was already layed down on the page, I think it looks great.

Here are the birds outside my window.

My women friends came over on Monday for our weekly discussion group and my friend Molly gave me some flowers which I tried to draw. Its an arrangement of Mums, daisies, Snake plant and philodendron. I already has pastel on the page. It was fun to draw. I may try another and use some watercolor or colored pencil.

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