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My name is Kate Robertson and I am a weaver. I have been weaving and spinning my own yarns for 15 years. My work has evolved from spinning natural colors to dyeing for both spinning and weaving and to the raising of my own sheep. My fiber arts career began with the selling of equipment and dyeing fibers but now I spend my time creating my own textiles. My company Spirit Wovens focuses on weaving with intention. I teach weaving, spinning, beading and dyeing. In my spare time, I also enjoy cross-stitch, stamping, paper arts, art doll making, sewing, beading and making glass beads. I like the entire process of completing cloth. I weave with commercial fibers that I then dye to my own specifications along with hand spun wools, silks and cotton. I find the process meditative and feel a great connection with women throughout the centuries who took fleece or yarn and created something to make their world a better place. I was particularly drawn to this project due to its simplicity and the fact that it includes a role where everyone can take part. Just as it will take many people to create this world cloth, it will take many of us to create World Peace.